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Articles (English)

Yoga for Wellness in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Literature from the Tibetan Tradition Relevant to Six Yogas of Naropa Practitioners -- An Annotated Bibliography and Selected Excerpts

Literature from Traditions Other than Tibetan also Useful to Six Yogas of Naropa practitioners

Literature from the Himalayan Tradition (Swami Rama's) -- An Annotated Bibliography

Himalayan Tradition Annotated Discography (Audios)

Himalayan Tradition Annotated Filmography (Videos)

Trikaya - The Three Bodies of a Buddha or Learning to Love

Increased Gamma Brainwave Amplitude Compared to Control in Three Different Meditation Traditions

Defining Yoga-Nidra: Traditional Accounts, Physiological Research, and Future Directions

The Effects of Himalayan Meditation on the Neuro-Physiology of Regular Practitioners: A Qualitative Study

Publications by researchers at the Meditation Research Institute, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama


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Artículos (Español)

Yoga Para el Bienestar en la Tradición de Yoga Himalayo

Bruxismo de Sueño y Terapia de Biofeedback

El Bardo


Pacificando la Kundalini

Trikaya - Los Tres Cuerpos de Un Buda o Aprender a Amar

Una Visión Constructiva de las Minorías Mentales

Reflexiones para despertar como Ser Humano consciente

¿Quién soy Yo?

Definiendo el Yoga Nidra: Recopilaciones Tradicionales, Investigaciones
Fisiológicas y Planes a Futuro

Yamas y Niyamas

La Perfección de la Paciencia

Yoga Nidra y la Meditación Acostado sobre la Espalda


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To Be is the Blissful Reality of Mind. To Do is the Activity of Love. Everything we Do is Just a Game to Recognize the Activity of Love.

There  are no people, things, or circumstances which are good or bad, beautiful or ugly; it is only our emotionality toward them what is there. Wisdom is to remain free from judging, aware of one's emotions. Alchemy is to transmute emotions, maintaining a homeostasis of harmony and wellbeing. Meditation is to recognize the thought that generates the emotion, observing it with equanimity. Mahamudra is to wake up after dying, having a vision of what has always been, is, and will be.


Yoga is a Technology of Consciousness-Energy Developed to Experience Union. It Transcends Religion and Culture.