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Life after Death: The Art of Navigating the Intermediate State or Bardo

                                             Mahamudra is waking up after death..."

This workshop* is offered by Manu, who did a 49-day practice of Bardo (which is the maximum duration of the Bardo, according to Tibetan Buddhism), during his three-year Tibetan Buddhist retreat in the Himalayas. The Bardo sadhana, together with the Phowa or transference of consciousness to a Pure Land, are considered “auxiliary” yogas within the Six Yogas of Naropa system.

Tibetan Buddhists, especially the Kagyupas, are famous for their Bardo practice. Here one rehearses through visualizations how to react when facing different situations during the journey after death and the various stages through which one will pass. The journey’s route has already been outlined quite precisely by the ancient tantric Buddhist masters. The idea is that if one visualizes and experiments this in one’s meditative imagination when one is still alive, at the time of death and entrance to the Bardo, one will remember the directions and instructions, thus navigating with greater confidence toward the state of enlightenment (if one also had the fortune to practice the yogas of the illusory body while one had a physical body), or toward a pure realm (if one received the teaching of phowa while one had a physical body), or toward the best possible reincarnation. During this workshop we will practice precisely these very same visualizations, thus rehearsing our future and inevitable journey after death.

To clarify and increase our trust in the facts and stages that will be visualized during the workshop, Manu will briefly review the literature and references on what is known on the topic of near death experiences in Western allopathic medicine, including the psychedelic experiments done with DMT; he will also review the literature on after-death experiences coming from the Christian traditions, especially the Orthodox writings; the work of Emmanuel Swedenborg; the Egyptian and the Tibetan books of the Dead; and other texts from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Native American traditions—traditions that tend to reinforce a universal basic pattern or archetype of experiences after death for all humans alike and perhaps for other sentient beings as well.



To Be is the Blissful Reality of Mind. To Do is the Activity of Love. Everything we Do is Just a Game to Recognize the Activity of Love.

There  are no people, things, or circumstances which are good or bad, beautiful or ugly; it is only our emotionality toward them what is there. Wisdom is to remain free from judging, aware of one's emotions. Alchemy is to transmute emotions, maintaining a homeostasis of harmony and wellbeing. Meditation is to recognize the thought that generates the emotion, observing it with equanimity. Mahamudra is to wake up after dying, having a vision of what has always been, is, and will be.


Yoga is a Technology of Consciousness-Energy Developed to Experience Union. It Transcends Religion and Culture.