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Awakening Winter Vitality

Getting in touch with your core vitality through Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation Exercises this Winter and Beyond

Every session we do hatha yoga exercises that emphasize extensions or energizing poses, which, however, are soft enough for every type of body and age to experience. We also engage in soft types of energizing pranayamas and at the end each session indulge in guided relaxations to balance the energy workout done. We train on the three pillars of meditation to calm down the monkey mind and thus save our vitality for what really matters.

We also review mental and vital energy hygiene guideliness to cultivate inner vitality and get involved in soft exercises that circulate vitality so it permeates the whole body-mind continuum --and it remains available for as long as we need it.










To Be is the Blissful Reality of Mind. To Do is the Activity of Love. Everything we Do is Just a Game to Recognize the Activity of Love.

There  are no people, things, or circumstances which are good or bad, beautiful or ugly; it is only our emotionality toward them what is there. Wisdom is to remain free from judging, aware of one's emotions. Alchemy is to transmute emotions, maintaining a homeostasis of harmony and wellbeing. Meditation is to recognize the thought that generates the emotion, observing it with equanimity. Mahamudra is to wake up after dying, having a vision of what has always been, is, and will be.


Yoga is a Technology of Consciousness-Energy Developed to Experience Union. It Transcends Religion and Culture.